Monday, April 27, 2009

Jack Barton - Next Guest

UrbanIT is the title of Jack Barton's guest spot this week where he will cover a range of projects involving research, cities, data, councils, perceptions, visualisation, government and industry centred around his current work for the UrbanIT project. There is plenty of collaborative effort involved and his work/research is very relevant to your futures.

[City of Sydney Project image via Jack's website]

Jack Barton

Psychology of Collaboration

Tom Denson's talk introduced us to a suite of interesting ideas around the psychology of teams, groups and collaboration. Hopefully everyone founds some threads that they could thing about including in their blog or wiki entries. The UNSW Library has an armada of psychology books if you want to look a little deeper - and quite a few E-Books as well.
Perhaps a psych course could fill a gen-ed course option if you have any slots still open.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tom Denson - Next Guest

Tom Denson is our next Guest Spot speaker, coming from the UNSW School of Psychology he will be exploring some of the psychology of teams and groups. His research has been centred around aggressive behaviour and also brings plenty of understanding in collective responsibility, group dynamics and more.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Guest Spots

Neil Brown's spot on world domination and global Linux development showed us that collaboration can be very successful using alternative hierarchies and different models. He has loaded up his slides for us on his blog if anyone would like to follow up on things.


Here is the timetable for the suite of guest spots and don't forget that a group of individuals is being assessed each week for their participation with the guest, but anyone can chip in for general participation marks as always.

wk4 Apr-02 1:00PM Michael Brand
(Construction Management and Conflict)

wk5 Apr-09 1:00PM Neil Brown
(Global Open Source Linux Development)

wk6 Apr-23 1:00PM Tom Denson
(Group Psychology and Teams)

wk7 Apr-30 1:00PM Jack Barton
(Urban Research, Government and Visualisation)

wk8 May-07 1:00PM Deo Prasad
(Global Collaboration on Sustainability)

wk9 May-14 1:00PM Shilo McClean
(VFX & Digital Storytelling)

wk10 May-21 1:00PM Neil Morris
(Senior Management and HR) – To Be Confirmed

wk11 May-28 1:00PM iCinema field trip
(3D visuals, programming and art)

Draft Collage

I quickly put together a collage of images from everyone's Draft Environments. The image shows off the progress being made through all the groups in terms of both the fabrication itself and the collaboration required to bring it all together.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Collaboration Topics - Round 2

Here are the second set of topics for each team to research over the next week. As individuals you will need to find a source for each topic assigned to your group, giving your team a total of 8 resources, 4 for each topic. You will need to individually sumarise in a post to your individual blogs your source, including any images and diagrams that may help to articulate the ideas in the chosen source. You will also need to add to the Collaborative Wiki on your topics, collaborating as a team to increase the repository of knowledge available.

Team A - Atlar



Team 1 - Omega



Team B - Urbans



Team 2 - E-Volve



Team C - Orange



Team 3 - Digilism