Wednesday, May 20, 2009


AlichiaPackaging, skinning, etc.
CameronAdvanced AI
KennethCustom Animations (Character + Vehicles)
SwatiOn Screen Overlays (Text, information, etc.)
WiradaWeather Controls
JackeyCutscenes, Staged Walkthroughs, etc.
WilsonCustom HUD
SutheaTraffic Control
JaneAdvanced Sound
MelissaAdvanced Doors and Windows
KarlMultiplayer Options
PhillipHigh Quality Video and Image Export
StephenCustom Mini Map
EvaCustom Lighting Interactivity
AllanAdvanced Water
Pui PuiAdvanced Textures
MichaelVideo (Materials, Web, etc.)
JoanneCustom Characters (change Default, etc.)
WingAdvanced Elevators (Movers, Escalators, etc.)
TeresaAdvanced Player Movement (Teleportation, flying, etc.)
JaeCustom Vegetation
MonicaInteractivity with In-game Objects

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